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I’m Grace. A Product Designer & Creative Technologist. It’s nice to meet you!
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Product Design, UX/UI, Visual Design, Front-end Development

GE Aerospace

Digital MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) is a web-app used to reduce the turnaround time of servicing jet engines.

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VR Design, Unity, High Immersion

VR Design Campsite

Built a High Immersion Interactive VR Experience for students in the creative fields to help them learn the Design Principles. The experience integrates animations, AI, and mixed lighting to create a calming environment and reduce emotional and mental stress associated with learning.

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UI, Visual Design

GE Transportation, Autonomous Trains

Trip Optimizer is a smart cruise control system for trains that reduces fuel usage and provides efficient train handling.

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UX, UI, Visual Design


WaterRoot is a dynamic organization with a core commitment to advancing sustainability. They needed an innovative digital platform aimed at empowering communities to nurture and sustain trees and plants. I led the app and responsive website design.

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