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I’m Grace. A multi-disciplinary Designer and Developer. It’s nice to meet you!
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Product Design / Front-end Development

GE Aerospace

Digital maintenance, repair and overhaul (Digital MRO) is a web-app being used to reduce the turnaround time of servicing jet engines in the Wales Aerospace Shop in the UK.

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UI, UX, Visual Design

GE Autonomous Trains

Trip Optimizer is a smart cruise control system for trains that reduces fuel usage and provides efficient train handling.

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VR, Unity, High Immersion

VR Design Campsite

Built a High Immersion Interactive VR Experience, for students in the creative fields, that helps them to learn the Design Principles. I completed achievements such as using animations, mixed lighting, AI, and 3D modeling to help the users feel calm, and reduce the emotional and mental stress associated with learning.

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UI, UX, Visual Design


Bakerz is a mobile app that connects you to people who sell home-baked desserts. Users browse the app, pick what they want, pay online and then either pick up their food or have it delivered. I worked on the Android redesign of the app.

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